This is Charlie Trotter.

this is charlie trotter

He loves to make things and talk to people about the things they make. He helps individuals and organizations find the root of what they are really trying to say, and get to the bottom of what has them stuck.

Charlie is currently helping projekt202 and their clients solve problems as a UX Designer.

this is charlie trotter

This is an example of the kinds of talks Charlie gives.

In 2011 he was invited to the CU Water Cooler Symposium to speak to a roomful of people way smarter than him about creativity, which, he maintains, is a lot closer to digging ditches than it is to surrounding onesself with Scandanavian furniture* and waiting for something neat to happen.

* That said, those Scandies can make the living dickens out of a table.

This is what people say about working with Charlie.

It does his Midwestern sensabilities an awful violence to tell you these things, but he likes getting hired, and he’s told a little horn-tooting is forgivable in such cases.

“A couple of years ago I watched as Charlie explained the difference between 'creativity' and 'imagination' to a room full of executives. 'Imagination is dreaming but creativity is creating. You have to make things in order to be creative,' he said. He clarified the importance of play and experimentation over talking, thinking, and researching for the creative process. And if you know Charlie, and follow what he's up to, you see he lives this every day. His perspective and actions give me the kick in the pants I need to get my hands dirty and make new things. Working with Charlie will change the way your team approaches innovation and creativity, guaranteed.” — Brent Dixon, Founder of The Habdash

“I needed validation for my ability, but a challenge to my creativity. Charlie has been an instrument for both. He has encouraged me to keep going through some very low times and helped me to rethink and refocus my efforts again and again. He's made me better with his compassionate candor and his endless desire to see me use my gifts. I'll be forever grateful!” — Derek Guyer, Artist & Craftsman

“Charlie's talk on creativity was the spark that helped me shift my perception of what I do on a daily basis for the better. I came back recharged and have been exploring new approaches ever since. For once, 'creativity' wasn't just something our art director did. Charlie's talk helped me see that it's about just doing rather than 'waiting for inspiration.' I've been more engaged and taking on challenges I never would have considered before.” — Myriam DiGiovanni, Social Media Director/Sr. Reporter at CU Times

This is Charlie Trotter’s Expansive Internet Oeuvre.

He wrote, illustrated and starred in a photographic webcomic back in the late early aughts called LOLZIES!!1@!, which is no longer live, but the url is still being used as a personal .gif bucket. He also made some improv videos he thinks are pretty good if you like to listen to people chewing and making up jokes.

A few years later, he wrote and illustrated another short-run webcomic called Gutenberg’s Pygmies that would end abruptly in a .99¢ ebook, allowing him to technically add “Author” to his resume. He is still looking for something that will techincally help him keep a straight face when referring to himself as an author.

He also recorded a Blues/Gospel EP in 2012, which he'd love for you to download free of charge, and he is currently filling his spare time writing short humor pieces and thoughts about doing good work over on his blog. Hahaha, of course he has a blog! He's breathin', ain't he? Anyway, he highly recommends it, even if he does say so himself, which he is doing now.

This is how to reach Charlie.

Having made it this far, it’s safe to say you’ve got a strong stomach. In that case, Charlie would love to speak at your event, talk to your team, help you solve a problem that has you stuck, or spellbind you with stories of his formative years in the emotional wilds of the suburban Midwest, a land he loves dearly.

You can also find him on Twitter.